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Testing & characterization Facilities

Detailed Equipment List

(1) Black body sources with chopper and chopper controller; (2) Multimeters; (3) Low noise preamplifier;  (4) Voltage supply; (5) Monochromator/ spectrograph; (6) Dynamic signal analyzer; (7)  Micro manipulator tool; (8) A vacuum cryostat equipped heater and cooler with temperature controller to be used for various setups; (9) Blackbody calibration source; (10) Optical power meter; (11) Optical table; (12) Syringe pump; (13) Optical microscope; (14) Furnace low temp dry wall; (15) Oscilloscopes; (16) Complete hall-effect measurement at cryogenic temperature; (17) Magnet Power Supply; (18) Temperature controller; (19) Liquid Helium level monitor; (20) Nano Voltmeter; (21) Programmable Current Source; (22) Pico Ammeter; (23) Switch System.

Software and Workstations

CoventorTM finite element tool, L-Edit Cad tool, MathCad, and Film Wizard, and two Dell Intel Xeon powered workstations.


Recent Publications