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ECE 7620/4620: Introduction to BioMEMS

Course Description: This is a senior and graduate level covers micromachining approaches related to BioMEMS technologies and many bioMEMS devices and biomedical applications. The course will include the following topics:

1. Overview of fabrication techniques: Lithography, MEMS plastic technologies, micromolding technologies, Electrochemistry, deposition, etching, surface and bulk micromachining, materials for micromachining, and bonding technologies, biocompatibility of MEMS materials.
2. MEMS material: Parylene, SU-8, PDMS
3. Microfluidics: Microchannels, basic fluidic functions, incompressible fluid flow, squeezed film damping, passive and active mixer 
4. Microfluidic devices (electrokinetic effects): electro-osmosis, streaming potential, Electrowetting, Electrophoresis (EP), Dielectrophoresis (DEP), Magnetophoresis (MP)
5. MEMS based Coulter counter
6. Drug Delivery: Microneedle
7. Biomedical microdevices for neural implants
8. Patch-clamping and single cell based analysis systems 
9. Micro-electroporation
10. DNA microarrays
11. Plymerase Chain Reaction and Biopolymers
12. chemical and gas sensors, biosensors

Text book: No text book but there is several recommended books
1. Fundamentals of BioMEMS and Medical Microdevices by Steven Saliterman. 
2. BioMEMS: Fundamentals and Applications (Microsystems) by Gerald Urban
3. BioMEMS by Wanjun Wang, Steven A. Soper 
4. Fundamental of Microfabrication, Marc J. Madou 
5. Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook, Gregory T. A. Kovacs 
6. Lab-on-Chips for cellomics edited by H. Anderson and A. van den Berg
Software: Coventor FEA, and L-Edit Cad tool
Evaluation: Homework, Exam and Project
Project: Design, modeling and presentation



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