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ECE 8620: Advanced MEMS

Course Description: (graduate level). The course will develop an understanding of how to fabricate, design and model MEMS devices.

1. MEMS development cycle
2.   Overview of Microfabrication: Wafer level processes, pattern transfer, developing a process, basic principles of process design, sample process flow
3.   Microsystem modeling: Lumped element Modeling, Finite Element Modeling
4.   Mechanical Analysis: bending and torsion beams, bending of plates, resonant behaviour, large deflection, stress and strain, elastic constants, thermal expansion and thin film stress
5. Thermal analysis: Conduction, convection, thermal Radiation
6.   Transduction Mechanism: Electrostatics, piezoelectricity, piezoresistivity, thermal effects
7.   Case studies: Micromirror arrays, Micro-accelerometers, pressure sensors, RF MEMS switches, Infrared sensors, biosensors.
8. Microsystem packaging: packaging concepts

Text book: Microsystem Design by Stephen D. Senturia
Software: Coventor FEA, and L-Edit Cad tool
Evaluation: Homework, Exam, and Project
Project: Design, modeling, term paper and presentation



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